Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders LED Upgrade: Saves $35,330 Annually, Meets Corporate Energy Initiative

The Challenge

Luxfer Gas Cylinders had a corporate initiative to reduce energy usage and its carbon footprint throughout its aluminum cylinder factory in Graham, North Carolina. Luxfer conducted exhaustive industry and product research in selecting a company to conduct the lighting upgrade throughout the 119,355 square-foot facility in Graham, NC. The building was equipped with outdated fluorescent tube lighting, including T8 and high-output T5s, which were inefficient and needed to be replaced. GreenTech Solutions Group offered a turn-key package that was exactly what the management at Luxfer was seeking.

Luxfer’s business model is based on strong customer relationships, high-performance products for specialist markets, a strong technical base, manufacturing excellence, and a commitment to research and development and new product generation. Its vision is to be recognized as the most dynamic cylinder company and help create a wiser and healthier world. Customer satisfaction is at Luxfer’s core values, so it was imperative that GreenTech conduct the LED lighting upgrade without disrupting the critical work flow in the factory.

The Solution

GreenTech carefully assessed the needs and energy usage of the company and provided solutions vital to production. The LED lighting upgrade involved energy-efficient lamps, ballasts, and lighting controls that significantly improved the light levels over the previous, outdated system.

The LED upgrade at Luxfer required retrofitting many fluorescent 4-foot and 8-foot tube light fixtures with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Since the bulbs are long-lasting, the retrofit greatly reduces the need to replace burned out bulbs, thus driving down the company’s overall operational costs.

The main offices, production and distribution areas, and external lighting where upgraded to LED fixtures. Legacy metal halide fixtures were replaced with LED high bays. Dimmable lamps provided customizable light levels and occupancy sensors further increased energy efficiency throughout the building.

The Results

The factory LED lighting upgrade resulted in a dramatic 58 percent reduction in annual lighting energy usage, which will save Luxfer $35,330 each year. Furthermore, the lighting quality in the production and distributions areas were notably improved with new, brighter fixtures, increasing employee safety and productivity that continues to foster Luxfer’s commitment to manufacturing quality products.

A summary of benefits is as follows:

  • 58% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 2.1 payback period
  • 35,330 savings in annual energy costs
  • 68% of project funded with energy incentives
  • 512,039 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • $24,526 savings in energy incentives

“Through this lighting upgrade, we’ve taken a huge step forward in implementing our long-term sustainability objective, with GreenTech providing the support, scale, and products that we needed to get it done right,” said Luxfer Process Engineer Manalo Williams.

The LED lighting retrofit resulted in a significant 512,039 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage, which is the equivalent of planting 296 acres of forest or consuming 40,667 gallons of gasoline. Williams said since the upgrade, the enhanced lighting has an additional benefit for the workforce. He noticed that a better-lit, brighter facility makes for a more pleasant workplace where employees can take a more dynamic role in processes – a win-win for innovation.

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ZINK Imaging

Zink Imaging LED Upgrade: Saves 82% in Operational Costs, $35,035 Annually

The Challenge

ZINK Imaging is an independent company that is pioneering ink-free printing for consumer and business needs. Zink, which stands for Zero Ink®, is the inventor of the ZINK® Technology and the manufacturer of the award-winning ZINK Paper®. The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Whitsett, North Carolina.

Zink revolutionized printing by eliminating the need for ink cartridges, ribbons, or toners. Zink offers a value proposition that is economical and environmentally friendly. With more than 180 patents and patents pending supporting the technology, upgrading to LED lighting was a natural progression for a company on the leading edge of its industry.

Zink Senior Manager of Engineering and Utilities Bill Neiland was looking to upgrade the plant to more eco-friendly lighting to better fit with the mission of Zink Imaging and to save on rising operational costs incurred from outdated fluorescent lighting. Neiland looked to GreenTech Solutions Group to address the needs of the large facility that sits on 85 acres. It was necessary to have little disruption to the workflow as the lighting upgrade was conducted.

The Solution

GreenTech conducted a comprehensive lighting audit of Zink’s existing system, provided analysis, and forecasted the energy and maintenance savings that result from an upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting.

GreenTech’s upgrade within Zink’s facility resulted in an impressive 79% reduction in annual lighting energy use. The new LED lighting significantly improved light levels over the previous, outdated system that was in need of being replaced. Dimmable panels and controls contributed to more energy savings and gave employees control over various lighting environments.

Metal halide and T12 fixtures throughout the facility, including the exterior, were retrofitted with Philips LED high bays, dimmable panel lights, wall packs, and flood lights.

“LED lighting is an integral part of Zink’s continued efforts to reduce its carbon footprint,” Neiland said. “With this lighting upgrade and the support provided by GreenTech regarding the project’s scale and the best products for our needs, we’ve taken a big step in achieving our energy efficiency goals for the company.”

The Results

The outcome was brighter lighting and enhanced color temperatures in work areas, which greatly improved employee productivity, safety, and helped Zink’s commitment to deliver a more superior end product. Zink also experienced a significant 82% savings in annual operational costs, which will add up to more than $360,000 over the next 10 years.

A summary of benefits is as follows:

  • 79% reduction in annual lighting energy use
  • 1.3 payback period
  • 82% in annual operational cost savings
  • 68% of project funded with energy incentives
  • $36,035 annual operational cost savings
  • 441,659 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy use

GreenTech helped Zink secure more than $70,000 in Duke Energy rebates, as well as a generous USDA REAP grant of nearly $40,000, which brought the payback period down to a quick 1.3 years.

Dimmable panels and controls helped contribute to $36,035 savings in annual operational costs. Since LED lighting is long lasting and nearly maintenance free, the upgrade saved in countless man hours and replacement parts for the company.

“Zink is known for delivering an amazing product and as a company that is constantly innovating, so it made perfect sense for them to upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting,” said GreenTech VP of Business Development Scott Jernigan. “Bill and the crew at Zink were wonderful to work with and show how the company is a true vanguard in technology and the environment.”

Zink Imaging made huge strides in reducing its ecological footprint. The completed projected will save 441,659 kWh per year, which is the equivalent of planting 256 acres of forest or taking 66 cars off the road. As a company with a standard of innovation, Zink Imaging showed the type of strategic investments essential to ensure a clean energy and eco-friendly future for generations to come.

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Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing LED Lighting Upgrade: Saves 68% in Annual Operational Costs, Highlights Eco-Friendly Philosophy

The Challenge

Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, NC is an award-winning brewery featuring some of the best hand-crafted beers in the Southeast. Anyone watching the Durham Bulls play at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park has probably sipped a Foothills IPA.

Its new beer releases of 2017 will be part of a new “Craft Happiness IPA Project” that highlights local, national, and global causes. Each month, the brewery will focus on a human, environmental, or animal awareness campaign. It was no surprise when the owners requested the assistance of GreenTech Solutions Group to help reduce the brewery’s carbon footprint.

The brewery was operating on old, outdated fluorescent and high bay fixtures. The previous lighting was dim and inefficient, so safety, rising costs, and quality control were big concerns, according to Foothills Brewing President Jamie Bartholomaus.

The Solution

GreenTech carefully assessed the lighting needs and energy usage of the brewery and custom-designed a lighting plan. The LED lighting upgrade in the brewery brought significant energy savings for the 48,000-square-foot facility. After legacy high bays and T12 fluorescents were replaced with energy-efficient LED fixtures, the brewery immediately experienced a 58% reduction in lighting energy usage.

The lighting upgrade began by illuminating dark areas behind the brewing tanks with LED wall packs. After removing all of the 8-foot strip lights, high lumen LED high bays were strategically placed around tanks, packaging, and bottling lines to aid in production and cleanup. The maintenance shop was also upgraded with LED tubes providing better lighting for task performance.

The Results

The upgrade resulted in improved overall lighting quality, providing a safer and more pleasant atmosphere. It also allows the employees to better inspect the final product, something Foothills takes very seriously.

A summary of benefits is as follows:

  • 58% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 1.8 year payback period
  • 68% reduction in annual operational costs
  • 30% savings in energy incentives
  • 44,172 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage

“We take pride in our advocacy efforts at Foothills and upgrading the lighting to LEDs is just a small step we can take to make a big impact on the environment,” said Foothills Brewing President Jamie Bartholomaus. “The people at GreenTech helped us to make changes that will continue to save us energy and save on our bottom line, so we can continue to invest in bringing the public the best, top-quality beers.”

GreenTech helped secure 30% of the project’s upfront costs in energy savings for the brewery, resulting in a quick 1.8 year payback period. LED lighting is longer lasting, so the bulbs will need to be replaced much less often, offering significant savings on maintenance and the cost of replacement bulbs. In fact, the LED upgrade will continue to yield Foothills a 68% savings in annual operational costs.

“We commend Foothills Brewing for their vision and environmental advocacy,” said GreenTech CEO Glenn Edmonds. “Whether it’s with the LED lighting upgrade or spotlighting an environmental cause with their IPAs, the folks at Foothills are committed to making a large impact with their business.”

The LED lighting retrofit also resulted in a 44,172 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage, which is the equivalent of planting 26 acres of forest or consuming 3,508 gallons of gasoline. For a business committed to making a big impact on the environment, Foothills Brewing fulfilled that commitment by implementing the lighting solutions provided by the team at GreenTech Solutions Group. Not only will patrons and employees enjoy a better lit atmosphere within the brewery, the environment will benefit as well.

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Charter Medical, Ltd.

Charter Medical, Ltd. LED Lighting Upgrade: Saves $22,022 in Annual Operational Costs, Over 50% of Project Paid for in Energy Rebates

The Challenge

Charter Medical, Ltd. has a 25-year history of developing and providing specialty single-use products to the blood transfusion, cell therapy, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical markets. Charter Medical itself on exceeding customer’s expectations through a commitment to continuous improvement, and to that end, sought out the expertise of GreenTech Solutions Group to upgrade the lighting in its 72,000 square-foot facility in Winston-Salem, NC.

Outdated and costly lighting existed throughout the facility. The cleanrooms were subject to federal regulations, so any lighting upgrade had to be done thoughtfully and carefully. Charter Medical also required the upgrade to not only reduce energy and maintenance costs, but also to increase quality control throughout, especially at inspection areas. Charter also need the installation to not disrupt the work flow.

Because of the company’s commitment to providing superior products, improving quality checks and making workstations brighter and easier to perform task in was top on Charter’s list of requirements.

The Solution

GreenTech carefully assessed the current lighting configuration in Charter Medical’s warehouse and office areas, and worked closely with the company to plan a strategy to replace the lighting in two cleanrooms and warehouse space. GreenTech provided photometrics on fixture allocation with light levels needed for compliance with federal regulations. Instrumentation was utilized throughout the process to monitor particle counts insuring that the cleanroom remained within compliance throughout installation.

GreenTech upgraded existing legacy T12 and T8 fluorescent troffers with high-efficiency LED panel fixtures in all office areas. Light level dimming controls further increased energy efficiency in these areas throughout the facility. The office lighting upgrade not only improved the overall quality of light, integrated dimming controls allowed each employee to customize light levels to a particular task or mood.

“We always strive to do more than just upgrade the lighting in a facility. We seek to make the resulting environment more conducive to productive work, and allowing employees to control the lighting in their individual spaces to their own needs is a great benefit,” said GreenTech VP of Business Development Scott Jernigan. “This project, especially concerning the strict regulations on the cleanroom areas, demonstrates our commitment to keeping operations going smoothly during the installation process and ultimately delivering superior lighting products to our clients.”

The Results

GreenTech’s recommendations resulted in substantial energy and cost savings. The summary of benefits were the following:

  • 62% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • $22,022 savings in annual lighting energy costs
  • 2-year payback period
  • $48,383 savings in energy rebates
  • 275,286 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy use
  • 62% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

After installation, subsequent cleaning and verification, the cleanroom areas were returned to service with minimal impact to production. The cleanroom areas saw an increase in light levels, improving acuity, and task performance.

Philips LED high bays were utilized throughout the warehouse for lighting. With proper fixture configuration, warehouse lighting quality was dramatically increased, enhancing safety and efficiency.

“All the employees noticed an immediate improvement,” said Casey Vestal, Charter Medical’s purchasing agent. “Charter Medical is focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations, meeting quality requirements and providing the best possible service and products. GreenTech shares the same goals, and from start to finish we were very pleased with the performance of their team on this project.”

GreenTech assisted in securing more than 50% of the project’s total cost in rebates from Duke Energy: Smart $aver Incentive Program. The generous rebates combined with remarkable energy savings resulted in a quick two-year payback period for Charter Medical.

The lighting retrofit not only saved the company $22,022 in operational costs yearly, it also delivered a 62% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking 41 cars off the road or planting 159 acres of forest.

The LED upgrade provided Charter Medical with a better-quality light, brighter and more efficient spaces, while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Charter Medical has proven to not only deliver products that help improve the quality of life, but by upgrading its facility to energy-efficient LED lighting, it is also making an ecological impact that will have long lasting effects on generations to come.

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Eagle USA

Eagle USA LED Lighting Upgrade: Saves 70% in Annual Operational Costs, Helps Boost Productivity

The Challenge

Eagle USA is proudly an American manufacturer. The company brings high-quality, American-made sportswear to athletes and teams across the U.S. William Lucas, plant manager of Eagle’s Middlesex, NC plant was looking for ways to improve lighting conditions while saving energy and turned to GreenTech Solutions Group for the best options.

A proud supporter of American manufacturing and industry, Eagle USA exhibits an unbridled passion for local commerce at a time when most other apparel companies are going global, outsourcing and moving production offshore in efforts to increase their bottom line. The company employs 300 of the industry’s best workers in its North Carolina factory.

The desire to give its employees a brighter, safer place to work was part of the reason behind the LED lighting upgrade. Eagle USA takes pride in delivering an exceptional product, so the LED upgrade was integral in its goal to give its customers well-made, high-quality American apparel.

The lighting upgrade also spoke to Eagle USA’s desire to be more socially responsible and eco-friendly as a company.

The Solution

GreenTech assessed the needs of the facility, which is responsible for sewing and private label shipping, and made recommendations accordingly. The main factory, inspection area, and sewing room contained outdated 8-foot T12 fixtures were in dire need of upgrading. GreenTech retrofitted the entire space with energy-efficient LED fixtures.

The upgrade greatly improved the lighting which increased productivity and allowed employees to better inspect the workmanship and quality of the delivered product. The brighter lighting has cooler temperatures, which makes it more comfortable for employees working in the factory.

“It’s the dedication to employee satisfaction and proper working conditions that led to Eagle USA’s commitment to their lighting upgrade, in turn providing their customers with a superior product,” said GreenTech VP of Business Development Scott Jernigan. “We are proud to support a company that values its employees and takes such pride in keeping jobs here, not only in the U.S., but in North Carolina.”

The Results

GreenTech’s LED lighting upgraded resulted in significant energy and cost savings. It also helped increase productivity and allowed employees to better inspect the final product.

The summary of benefits was the following:

  • 48% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 3.1 year payback period
  • 70% savings in operational costs
  • 71,517 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 46% savings in energy incentives

GreenTech helped Eagle USA secure more than $17,000 in energy incentives to help fund the project and reduce the payback period to 3.1 years. Not only did the LED retrofit bring about a 48% reduction in lighting energy usage, it also resulted in an impressive 70% savings in operational costs. Due to the long life and improved quality of LED lighting, there are significant gains in productivity and reductions in maintenance costs in addition to the energy savings.

The LED lighting retrofit also resulted in a 71,517 kWh reduction in annual energy use, which is the equivalent of planting 41 acres of forest or reducing the consumption of gasoline by 5,680 gallons. Eagle USA is fast becoming the model for other businesses wishing to support American workers and the environment.

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Troxler Electronic Laboratories

Troxler Electronic Laboratories LED Upgrade: Saves $40,600 a Year in Energy Costs, Nearly 50% of Project Funded by Energy Incentives

The Challenge

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc., a mainstay of the Research Triangle Park in NC, has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and servicing precision quality control measurement equipment since 1958. With a goal to be environmentally conscientious, the company sought the expertise of GreenTech Solutions Group to upgrade the existing outdated lighting throughout the facility with energy efficient LED lighting.

Troxler was looking to decrease rising operational costs and improve safety and production throughout the facility, including offices, lab rooms, and common areas.

The Solution

Troxler carried out extensive product and industry research in selecting a partner for their lighting upgrade. GreenTech worked closely with Troxler staff to provide recommendations on solutions vital to production, and efficiency upgrade recommendations were confirmed by a third-party audit performed by North Carolina State University.

Legacy T12 strip lights were upgraded with energy-efficient LED tubes in manufacturing and engineering areas, and 2×4 troffers were replaced with dimmable LED panel lights allowing for customization of light levels in offices, labs, and common areas.

The Results

The LED lighting upgraded resulted in a 68% reduction in annual lighting energy usage. The solution was dramatically better lighting quality that greatly helped to improve employee safety and increase productivity as well as producing a brighter atmosphere throughout the building. The lighting upgrade also included the replacement of external area lights with LED pole lights, flood lights, and wall packs to provide increased security around the facility and beautification of the building and grounds.

An impressive summary of benefits includes the following:

  • 68% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 2.2 year payback period
  • $81,900 savings in energy incentives
  • $40,603 savings in annual lighting energy usage
  • 451,151 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage

GreenTech assisted in securing generous rebates from Duke Energy Progress that paid for nearly half the entire lighting project! The energy savings combined with rebate incentives resulted in a 2.2 year payback for Troxler. The LED lighting upgrade also resulted in a 318,431 kg decrease in greenhouse gases produced, which is the equivalent of 35,831 gallons of gasoline consumed or planting 261 acres of forest.

Troxler Electronic Laboratories truly represents a company that is environmentally responsible and sets a brilliant example for other industrial businesses to follow.

“Troxler is a staple in the RTP community and a pioneer in local entrepreneurship that we all strive to emulate. We are privileged to have been selected as their lighting partner. Their staff was pleasant to work with and integral in making this a successful project,” said GreenTech VP of Business Development Scott Jernigan.

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Stratford Metal Finishing

Founded in 1965, Stratford Metal Finishing is a full-service metal finishing shop providing high-quality electroplating and metal finishing. The company operates around the clock, 365 days a year from its state-of-the-art facility built in 2008. Stratford Metal Finishing is one of the only purpose-built facilities in the Southeast and the company prides itself on being EPA-approved and environmentally friendly, so it made perfect sense for the company to contact GreenTech to help improve cost and efficiency with LED lighting.

Greentech Solutions Group upgraded lighting throughout the 50,000 square-foot facility with energy-efficient LED technology that resulted in the following benefits:

  • 77% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 1.5 year payback period
  • $27,435 annual energy savings
  • 45% cost savings in rebates
  • 375,823 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 77% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

GreenTech replaced legacy lighting in the manufacturing areas and offices. Outdated T12 and T8 fixtures were upgraded with LED panel lighting and high efficiency LED highbays throughout the facility. LED panel step dimmer controls were also installed to increase efficiency and provide customizable lighting needs in each office. The retrofit greatly improved lighting levels throughout the metal plating building helping employees to become more efficient while improving safety in the working environment.

Greentech secured $33,945 in rebates from the Duke Energy: Smart $aver Incentive Program. With generous rebates and outstanding energy savings, the payback period for the Stratford is only 1.5 years.

By replacing the existing inefficient lighting technology, Stratford Metal Finishing’s facility is truly state-of-the-art and ecologically conscientious. The company continues to be a shining example of environmental stewardship for other businesses to emulate.

Parker Marine


Parker Marine Enterprises, Inc. experienced a 75% reduction in annual lighting energy usage after a complete lighting system retrofit by GreenTech Solutions Group. Through the additional use of dimming sensors that detect if an area of the facility is occupied, Parker Marine was able reduce its annual operation costs by 78%. A summary of benefits includes the following:

  • 75% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 308,561 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 78% reduction in annual operational costs
  • $42,412 in annual operational cost savings
  • 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 3.5 year payback period
  • 21232 trees saved; 49 acres of trees planted; and 70 fewer cars on the road

Parker Marine of Beaufort, NC is a family-owned business that manufactures exceptional center consoles, bay boats, and sport cabin boats. Parker proudly serves commercial and governmental agencies, manufacturing recreational and high-tech sports boats for use around the world.

Parker Marine wanted to upgrade its 200,000+ square-foot facility to reduce energy consumption, while improving lighting conditions in the working areas. After meeting with a few other groups, they chose GreenTech to improve lighting that ultimately increased productivity and allowed employees to more clearly inspect workmanship and improved the quality of the delivered product. GreenTech also helped them take advantage of all rebates and incentives available to further reduce the cost of the overall project.


GreenTech provided a lighting system that maximized lighting output with high-lumen LED fixtures. Legacy metal halide fixtures in the main manufacturing areas were replaced with efficient Philips highbay LEDs. Other zones identified as either non-critical or low-occupancy areas were accessorized with occupancy sensors. These sensors are programmed to automatically dim to 50 percent lighting after 10 minutes of no movement detection and increase to 100 percent only if motion is detected. Additionally, daylight harvesting sensors were programmed in fixtures in their manufacturing area to allow Parker Marine take full advantage of the existing skylights in that part of the facility. The fixtures now dim at predetermined levels of light based on the amount of ambient sunlight coming into the building. This not only maximizes light output in given areas, but reduces the amount of energy consumed and further prolongs the life of the existing fixtures.

“Mr. Parker (CEO of Parker Marine) was very forward-thinking in incorporating control options in key areas of the facility to maximize additional energy savings. His enthusiasm and commitment to his company and their employees is second to none,” said GreenTech Solutions Group CEO Glenn Edmonds.

Outdated T12 fluorescent fixtures in all other areas, such as office spaces, restrooms, and common areas throughout the facility, were upgraded to LED lighting that delivered better, brighter, more efficient spaces, while reducing the carbon footprint of the company’s operations.

To that end, the lighting retrofit for Parker Marine not only saved the company $42,412 in operation costs yearly, but it delivered a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 21,232 trees or taking 70 cars off the road.

“We truly enjoyed working with Parker Marine to improve the lighting in their facility and save them money for many more years to come,” said Edmonds “We commend the folks at Parker for being an example of environmental stewardship.”

After nearly one year of operation, Parker Marine analyzed their utility statements to recognize a reduction in overall energy usage that exceeds GreenTech’s projected estimates. Much of these savings are credited to the precise use of additional control options utilized in the retrofit. Furthermore, the elimination of constant and costly maintenance associated with the old lighting system provides additional financial benefits for years to come.

Acucote, Inc.


Headquartered in Graham, NC, Acucote Inc. is a trusted supplier of custom, specialty, high-value, and unique pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions since 1987. Acucote has made innovation, customization, and customer-involved product development its core business.

Acucote also takes pride in being as environmentally responsible as possible and ensuring sustainable practices in every area of their operations. The company continues to make strides toward offsetting adverse effects on the environment by reducing its ecological footprint. Through careful selection of adhesives, extensive recycling efforts and other environmental programs, Acucote has dramatically reduced their impact on solid waste, water, and energy resources.

When the company was looking to upgrade their current lighting, they sought out the help of GreenTech to retrofit the existing outdated lighting throughout the administrative, manufacturing, and shipping areas with energy efficient LED lighting. The upgrade greatly improved the working conditions in those areas while reducing the overall energy costs by utilizing a combination of LED highbays, task and panel lights. External lighting conditions were also improved with new LED wallpacks and flood lights. Occupancy sensors and dimmers were installed to further increase energy efficiency and bring about a 67 percent reduction in Acucote’s lighting energy consumption in its 80,000 square-foot facility.

GreenTech worked closely with Acucote to provide recommendations on solutions vital to productions thus eliminating all T12 fluorescents and outdated metal halide highbays. This resulted in more efficient lighting throughout the manufacturing areas, administrative offices, and the shipping annex. The retrofit delivers a 664,946 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage and $66,494 in annual operational cost savings. The LED lighting upgrade also brings a 469,328 kg decrease in greenhouse gases produced, which is the equivalent of 52,811 gallons of gasoline consumed or 99 fewer cars on the road.

The financial benefits were the following:

  • 67% reduction in annual lighting energy usage and costs
  • 7-month payback period
  • 664,946 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • $66,494 in annual operational cost savings
  • 70% cost savings in rebates and incentives

GreenTech secured more than $100,000 in incentives for Acucote, including Duke Energy rebates and a $38,000 REAP grant from the USDA. These incentives subsidized more than 70 percent of the entire lighting project. In all, GreenTech’s energy efficient lighting package will increase productivity, reduce operating expenses, and provide for better safety and security while providing a payback of only 7 months.

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Kingsdown Inc.


Kingsdown has been crafting mattresses in the heart of North Carolina since 1904 and since that time they have been handcrafting the world’s smartest luxury mattresses. Their approach to manufacturing involves a steadfast commitment to sleep health – backed by research, data collection, and meticulous testing. They believe a quality mattress results in improving the quality of your sleep and in turn, the quality of your life.

Kingsdown used the same committed approach when they wanted to improve the lighting quality, efficiency, and lumen output for their 98,000-square foot plant in Mebane, NC and nearby corporate headquarters. GreenTech coincidentally approached Kingsdown shortly after they consulted with Duke Energy on the viability of such a project. They were looking for a turnkey solution to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting in an effort to improve working conditions in the warehouse and the offices and reduce operating costs, and GreenTech provided a perfect match.

“The product and service provided by GreenTech exceeded my expectations. Their team made the entire process extremely easy and they did not impact our ability to produce our product at all during the installation. From the planning stage all the way to the disposal of old equipment and clean-up, the project was well managed.” Michael Shoe, Kingsdown VP Manufacturing

GreenTech worked with Kingsdown providing recommendations on eliminating T12 strip fixtures and aged Metal Halide highbays as well as solutions to maximize critical production lighting. The result was more efficient lighting in key areas and balanced light levels across the plant. The LED panel lights beautified the offices, shops, workout area, and cafeteria providing for customizable light levels for each individual preference.


The financial benefits were equally as beneficial:

  • 73% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 1.3 year payback
  • 347,560 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • $27,109 in annual operating savings
  • 70% cost savings in rebates and incentives

In addition, Kingsdown reduced their adverse impact on the environment that is often experienced with the old lighting technologies. In replacing all of the existing metal halide magnetic fixtures with LED linear highbay fixtures, along with LED panel lights and retrofit kits, the plant has significantly reduced its carbon footprint with approximately a 73% reduction in CO2 emissions.

“The detailed project prospectus they provided allowed us to easily present the project to our management team for the approvals needed to get this project going. Their knowledge of the incentives and rebates and assistance in completing the rebate applications was a key factor in selecting them for the job. After the project was completed, GreenTech followed up multiple times to make sure everything was performing as designed. They are a great company to do business with.” Michael Shoe, Kingsdown VP Manufacturing


Kingsdown continued to use GreenTech’s lighting solutions in their downtown office headquarters. Offices, showrooms, and restroom were retrofitted with LED panel lights. These upgrades not only greatly improved the quality of lighting for these areas, but it also accomplished the following:

  • 75% reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 75% reduction in operating costs
  • 1 year payback
  • 59,810 kWh reduction in annual lighting energy usage
  • 75% cost savings in rebates and incentives

Through GreenTech’s efforts, Kingsdown was able to secure various prescriptive and custom rebates along with generous REAP grants of $30,000 for the plant and nearly $5,000 for the headquarters. Kingsdown is grateful for GreenTech’s assistance in making their manufacturing plant, showrooms, and offices a better, brighter, more energy efficient place to work. Kingsdown exemplifies an environmentally conscientious company that cares not only about making a quality product for their customers, but also about making an ecological impact in the process.

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