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At GreenTech, we take pride in our dedication to providing focused, personalized customer service to every company we serve throughout the nation. Regardless of the size or scope of your energy efficiency project, we deliver unmatched levels of support, transparent communication, and a prompt ROI. See what some of our customers say about working with our experts at GreenTech Solutions Group.
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  • Jamie Bartholomaus- Foothills Brewing

    “We take pride in our advocacy efforts at Foothills and upgrading the lighting to LEDs is just a small step we can take to make a big impact on the environment. The people at GreenTech helped us to make changes that will continue to save us energy and save on our bottom line, so we can continue to invest in bringing the public the best, top-quality beers.”

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  • Casey Vestal- Charter Medical, Ltd.

    “All the employees noticed an immediate improvement. Charter Medical is focused on exceeding our client’s expectations, meeting quality requirements and providing best possible service and products. GreenTech shares the same goals and from start to finish, we were very pleased with the performance of their team on this project.”

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  • Michael Shoe- Kingsdown, Inc.

    “The product and service provided by GreenTech exceeded my expectations. Their team made the entire process extremely easy and they did not impact our ability to produce our product at all during the installation. From the planning stage all the way to the disposal of old equipment and clean-up, the project was well managed. The product and service provided by GreenTech exceeded my expectations. Their team made the entire process extremely easy and they did not impact our ability to produce our product at all during the installation.”

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  • Wanda Thomas- Upper Room Church

    “GreenTech was truly a one-stop shop for all our lighting needs; from the assessment to the financing, to the installation and the rebates. We were unsure just how to tackle our lighting issues, so to have the people at GreenTech to take us through every step of the process was a blessing.”

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  • Jonathan Kurz- Apex Aridyne Corporation

    “With a keen focus on industry trends and the needs of our customers, Apex Mills consistently looks to bring new textile advancements to market. Keeping our mill functioning efficiently and giving our employees the tools they need to grow is the core of doing business well. I am thankful to GreenTech for not only making us more energy efficient, but for helping us receive rebates that we can reinvest into the business to benefit our employees, community and customers.”

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  • Dean Robinson- MultiPacking Solutions Plant Manager (formerly Chesapeake Pharma)

    “GreenTech worked diligently to provide a solution that addressed the difficulties that our complex layout presented. They not only improved our lighting quality, but were able to work within our budget constraints to deliver what no other company could offer. We are happy with the quality of their workmanship and would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a lighting solution for their business.”

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  • Dave Robertson-Atlantic Packaging

    “GreenTech was very accommodating throughout the complete lighting upgrade process. They made sure we were completely satisfied with the outcome. They also did everything possible to make sure it was a successful project”

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  • Justin Lewis- The Raleigh Building

    “We had a great experience working with Greentech. Their exceptional level of knowledge and expertise of creating a solution for our building with was matched with their professional installation of our lighting system. The best team we’ve ever contracted to perform work at our facility.”

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