Outdated lighting systems in offices, retail spaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial buildings can account for as much as a third of total energy consumption. But with cutting edge lighting equipment and thoughtfully designed systems from the experts at GreenTech, many of our clients can cut their lighting costs by up to 80%. We specialize in using LED and induction lighting technology, in addition to more traditional fluorescents, to deliver fast return on investment for customers nationwide.

Our process begins with an in depth assessment of your current lighting system as well as careful consideration of your specific lighting requirements before we design your new energy efficient lighting solution. We then procure all of your new lighting equipment and fixtures. We will help you secure rebates and incentives from utility companies and the government and oversee every aspect of your retrofit project. We will meet all of your needs and goals through unmatched customer service and the short payback period you can expect from a cutting-edge lighting system.

Fluorescent Lighting

Although fluorescent lighting technology is over a century old, there have been a number of exciting advancements with fluorescent lighting over the past few decades that result in higher energy efficiency. At GreenTech, we specialize in designing and installing modern fluorescent systems or upgrades to your existing fluorescent lighting system that will save you money on utility bills and maintenance for many years.

LED Lighting

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the most energy efficient and newest developed lighting technology. Today LEDs are very affordable and many aesthetic options are available, making them the preferred choice when purchasing lighting solutions. Not only do LEDs last significantly longer, they are the most energy efficient and offer the best quality of light.

Induction Lighting

While this form of lighting has been demonstrated by Nikola Tesla and others well before him, the technology has only been readily available since the early 1990s. Induction lighting systems use approximately 50% of the energy of most fluorescents, produce less glare, are far more durable, and can be operated for years without replacement. With a wide range of applications, induction lighting is a fantastic solution for generating a quick payback period in just a few years.

Lighting Recycling

At GreenTech Solutions Group, we also provide recycling services for various styles of lights which cannot be sent to standard waste processing facilities. If you are seeking a light recycling solution, contact us today for more information.

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